Sessa MFG uses the most state-of-the-art precision metal fabrication equipment. This enables us to supply our customers with the highest quality, streamlined pricing, and on-time delivery.

Laser Cutter

This 2500W pulsar laser cutting machine is capable of high tolerance cutting through half-inch thick steel. It will also cut stainless steel and aluminum with a high level of accuracy. This machine enables us to do quick turnaround and prototyping jobs because of reduced set times and minimal to no tooling requirements.


Our 3 high-speed precision turret punch presses are great for a large volume of orders. These turret punch presses are capable of creating louvers, lances, and dimples as well as creating countersunk holes right during the punching process.


With our 4 CNC press breaks (80 ton, 60 ton, 30 ton, and our newest HD 8025 NT CNC break) we are confident that we can handle any of your metal-forming needs.


With two Haas CNC machining centers (VF3 and our high speed DM2) Sessa MFG is able to handle most of your machining requirements.

Engraving Laser

Our CO2 Marking Laser is perfect for that final touch on a face panel or chassis. This gives us the capability to add your logo or other information directly on your powder coated or anodized product.